Most Frequent Questions & Answers

You’ll want to have yourself dressed in custom-tailored clothing because you’ll have a guaranteed perfect fit to your unique body type and shape, 100% choice in customisation, and a quality that is next to none and can’t be matched with clothing that you’ll buy in a retail store.

Monograms, pocket style, number of pockets, lapel type and size, pattern, material weight and color – all these choices are in your hand with custom-tailored clothing from RK Fashions.

Our opening hours are 10:30am – 10pm daily except on Sundays we are open from 4pm-9pm.

RK Fashions is located in Phuket and Khao Lak. For more information about our locations click here

If you are visiting Patong, Phuket – feel free to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment or even walk into our shop for consultation. Our experts tailors will guide you through the process from there including style and fabric selection, taking measurements and fittings and scheduling you in 1-2 days later to receive your final garment. Additional adjustments and alterations can also be done if required. 

If you’d like to make an order with us online simply follow the steps outlined here

Once provided with your measurements and style preferences, we need about 5-6 business days to craft your tailored suit. For crafting a shirt, depending on the ordered amount, it takes between 2-3 business days.

For express orders we can ship your clothes within 1-2 days of your order. This will however require higher shipping fees.

Please note that production starts when:

  • Order is fully paid (Online) or 50% Deposit (At Shop)
  • Tailor had accepted all your measurements and requirements.
  • Fabric selected is available

Our shirts start from USD 40 per shirt, but it really depends on the fabrics you’re choosing. Generally shirts range from USD 40 – 100.

Our suits start from USD 180 per suit, but it really depends on the fabrics you’re choosing. Generally suits range from USD 180 – 400.

Our dresses start from USD 150 per dress, but it really depends on the fabrics you’re choosing. Generally dresses range from USD 150 – 220.

For online orders, we accept Paypal. For in-store orders, or orders during Trunk shows, we accept credit cards, cash in Thai Baht, Euros, GBP, USD, Canadian-, Singaporean- or Australian Dollars. We also require a non-refundable 50% deposit in order to begin making your garment.

Yes, we craft all tailored garments for both Men and Women. Among that, we also custom-tailor dresses, skirts and blouses.

After your final fitting we take final sizes from your garments and store them, along with your paper pattern, for any future orders. So long as your sizes don’t change you are free to order anything and we will post the garments to you.

Shipping costs depend on what you purchase (weight) and where we are shipping to.

Once your order has been finalised (payment made, all options selected) we do our best to ship within 1-2 weeks. From this point, shipping typically takes between 7-14 business days.

Our tolerance of production (cutting commitment) is based on international standards.

Collar and cuffs   (+/-) 0.6 cm total circumference

Bicep   (+/-) 2.0 cm Total circumference
Shoulder length   (+/-) 1 cm total length
Chest size   (+/-) 2.0cm Total circumference
Waist size   (+/-) 2.0 cm Total circumference
Hip size   (+/-) 2.0 cm Total circumference
Sleeve length   (+/-) 1.0 cm Total length
Shirt length   (+/-) 1.5 cm Total length
Pants length   (+/-) 1.5 cm Total length

These allowances generally apply to all garment types: shirts, suits, jackets, pants for men and women. Unless specified, the standard allowance is   (+/-) 2.0 cm Total circumference.

No. Majority of our fabrics are pre-shrunk, compliant with ITF standards that require cotton fabrics to shrink less than 2%. Any other residual shrinkage is considered in the shirt construction process. Some fabrics on our range eg linen and selected 100% cotton have shrinkage of 3-5%.